Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's Been Going On

Here are a couple of pictures of things that have been going on with the Fromms.

Our Saturday's have been filled with soccer games. Thank goodness the spring season only lasts about a month.

Kenna has been dying to mow the lawn herself for about two years now. Well, last weekend Brett finally agreed to let her do it. She liked it so much that she wants to mow the lawn every time she is over.

We took the girls ice blocking for a family activity. Of course I was the photographer because I didn't think it was safe for me to participate, but everyone had so much fun. Makenna was scared and screamed as loud as she could each run down.

Dirty hands

Makenna participted in a mass concert with kids from every school in the district. She was very proud of herself and loved doing it. (Yes her sweater is buttoned up wrong...we are just that cool that we didn't notice).

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Who Knew

Who knew that when you get pregnant that you get CONSTANT sharp pains in your ribs.
Who knew that when you get pregnant your fingers go numb for part of the day.
Who knew that when you get pregnant you would get the worst acne of your life.
Who knew that when you get pregnant you feel so fat and ugly and tired ALL the time.
Who knew that when you get pregnant you get a wierd rash all over your stomach that makes it look gross.

I thought I was supposed to be in the best part off my pregnancy (6 months) where I have energy and I am not too big that I am uncomfortable, but I was wrong. I kind of feel like a wimp but whatever. I am in too much pain and too uncomfortable all the time to care anymore.

However......feeling the baby move all day long is the best feeling in the world and completely makes up for any kind of bad feelings about myself and discomfort. I have to say, despite all of the above complaints I am so grateful to be pregnant and know that I have a baby coming our way in about 4 months!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Well, a couple of weeks ago Brett and I found out the very exciting news that we will be having a healthy baby BOY! I would scan pictures, but am not quite sure how. I will just tell you that I was VERY clear that this baby is a boy. We are both extremely excited. Now the tough part is picking a name. I am trying to leave it up to Brett, but he isn't doing that good of a job.

Here are a couple pictures of my growing belly.

Visiting the In Laws

Last weekend we decided to go down to Leavenworth to visit Brett's parents. We don't get to do this often because Brett never wants to miss church in our ward, but since it was conference weekend we decided to go for it. We had a lot of fun and relaxed a lot. Gloria made us some delicious meals, we were enlighted all weekend by our Prophet, Apostles, and General Authories, and we got to go out on a lot of walks. Here our a couple pictures from our weekend.

We went on a family walk...of course Brett is on the phone!

Kyra had to pass off an hour of community service, so we decided to pick up trash along the way.

The rest of the pictures are at a spot where Brett wants to build a house (in the very distant future). We had fun playing around up there.

And finally, what would a conference weekend be without the kids falling asleep on the floor in the middle of it. I am just impressed that they sat in the room for 4 hours each day.

Why Is My Husband So Amazing.....

Because he took me here for my birthday.........
The lovely Daveport Hotel

Here is the room we stayed in.
Why am I so lame.......

Because this was over a month ago and I never blogged about it. This was one of the most romantic things Brett has done for me and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. The Davenport has been one of my favorite places for quite some time now. Every time you are there you feel so fancy and rich (even though we are no where close to any of those). It is also the place where we spent our wedding night so it has some sentimental value as well.

So for my birthday I told Brett that I really didn't need anything and I didn't really give him any ideas for presents. On my actual birthday he got me beautiful flowers and made breakfast for me, so I thought that was kind of it. Well that weekend he got home from work and said he wanted to go work out. So I packed my workout bag and we headed out. Well, instead of going to the gym, he took me to the Davenport. What a tricky guy huh! It was great. We walked downtown, went out to dinner, and snuggled in bed while watching a movie and eating snacks. What a great birthday.