Saturday, September 18, 2010

Catching Up

I have been too busy with school to update my blog lately, so these are pictures from a while ago, but I thought I would just add them anyway.

First off, here are the pictures of my two classes. The school year has been AMAZING so far. I have two wonderful classes of students. Things could not be going any better. Other teachers will talk to me about some of their trouble children and I almost feel guilty because my classes are so awesome. As you will notice, one of my classes as 18 boys! I don't know how I get stuck with all the boys, but I don't mind because they all have been pretty sweet so far. I am just so happy to be back in Kindergarten. I LOVE IT!

The next couple of pictures are from a stake achievement day activity that Makenna had a couple of weeks ago. We went up to Camp Easton and did some kayaking and just played around. I don't know if Makenna will want to go kayaking again any time soon. She got pretty frustrated that she couldn't control the kayak. The first picture is of her after she gave up and didn't want to move anymore. After that we just decided to go canoeing !

Happy Again!

Kyra is a Teenager!

Even though it has seemed like she entered her teenage years long ago, Kyra finally turned 13 last week. She is such an incredible girl and I am so grateful to have the chance to watch her grow and mature into such a wonderful young women. For her birthday we thought it would be fun to throw her a surprise party. So for her actual birthday she probably thought it was pretty lame (we had to throw her off track a little). We took her to Polk A Dot Pottery and then just hung out at the house. Then this weekend we had her surprise party and she had a blast. These are all the pictures from her birthday.

Tie dying t-shirt at her birthday party

Kyra hates Justin Bieber, so we thought we would give her something she could really appreciate and wear all the time!

Opening presents on the morning of her birthday.