Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Time Fun

There have been a lot of activities that have been going on this summer and I have been too busy to blog about them all. So I am doing one big blog about all of them!

Yay For Me!
Well I did it! I finally got a CONTINUING kindergarten position. This means that I dont ever have to interview for a job again. I don't ever have to worry about if I am going to have a job the following year. I don't ever have to teach in someone else's room again. I don't ever have to prepare for a classroom a week before school starts again. I am so excited. It is a full time job with two part time classrooms at Windsor Elementary. I just feel that Heavenly Father has blessed me so much in my life and knows what is best for me. I know that I wouldn't have get this if it wasn't for Him. The following picture is of me and my teaching friend Melissa and Rebecca. We went out to celebrate because Rebecca, who just graduated also got a job! Both of them a extremely amazing teachers and I am grateful that I got to work with them

Blasts from the Past
This summer I was able to get together with a couple friends from my single days and it was SO much fun. This is one of the best things about summer is having time to hang out with friends.

This is my friend Jen from my first year in college. We were next door neighbors in the dorms (for the one quarter I lived in them). We clicked right away. She is very religious as well so we were like the to naive girls in the dorm that stuck together. When we got together it was like we didn't miss a day apart. It was so much fun!

Of course one of my favorite people in the whole entire world...Sarah! She came back home for her nieces' blessing and it was so amazing to see her. I cant wait until the day you move back here Sarah!

Last is my life long best friend Jen (now Jen Martin but I still and probably always will refer to her as Jen Jolley). Jen, Beth, and I were roommates in college for about 4 years. I love these girls to death and I am so grateful for my friendship with them. Jen came up from California to run a 1/2 marathon (because she is amazing at working out and pushing herself to do cool things), so we decided to meet up and do a little boating. It was so much fun. I miss Jen so much and every time we get together it makes me miss the days when we lived in Sweet 8 and all the amazingly cool things that went on there.

Fun Wedding
The girls' aunt, who is also one of my friends, got married a couple weeks ago. Kyra and Makenna were in the wedding and they look absolutely adorable. Here are some pictures of how cute they looked.

This is Rebecca, who looked absolutely amazing, and our friend Melissa. We all worked together at Windsor last year. It was so great to work with them.
Does Kyra look way older than 12 to anyone else???? Yeah she looked fantastic and did a great job as a bride's maid. It is just amazing how much these girls are growing up.

Makenna with her cute flower girls cousins.

Grooving down to the music.


One day I was able to take the girls to Silverwood and we had so much fun. Makenna was with a friend that day so she didnt come, but Kyra brought a friend and my niece Madyson went with us. The girls had a lot of fun, even though it was kind of cloudy weather.

Kyra and Tessa

My niece Madyson

So there you go all the activities you all have miss out on. Just a quick update on my summer goals:

1. Organize and clean out basement...Done, and it looks AWESOME.
2. Exercise at least 5 times a week...I am doing pretty good, although there were weeks when I was a little lazier than others.
3. Deep clean every room of the house....Oops, not yet, but it will definitely get done before school starts.
4. Make Brett dinner at least three times a week....Barley making this one, but hey it's summer and we are hot and not in the mood to cook or eat, so I am fine with this.
5. Get very tan.....yes, and loving it! Some of my favorite days are just laying in the sun!
6. Focus on my calling more....Check, I feel very good about this since I probably won't be this good starting September.
7. Get a job........YES!!!!! Yay for me. I can't wait to be a kindergarten teacher again!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the Road Again

Brett and i just got back from a fabulous road trip to the mid-west. We went through 9 different states and saw some of Brett's old friends. The main reason for going down was to see some friends from Brett's mission. But my favorite part of the trip was all thr church history! Here are some collages of the different things we did.

The first stop we made was in Sterling, Illinois. Brett used to live in Illinois, so he had a couple friend there he wanted to see. They took us to Chicago, but we didn't have much time there. But we did get to go up the Sear's tower. In my opinion, it wasn't worth the TWO HOUR wait to get up there. But we did get some pretty good pictures.

Our next stop was Nauvoo, Illinois. This was absolutely amazing. We were there for the pagent that they do, and they really make you feel like you were in the time of the early Saints. We went to Carthage this day as well and that was probaby my favorite. All the missionaries there do such a great job of setting everything up spiritually before you learn anything. This was my favorite day of the trip.

After Nauvoo, we went over to St. Louis, Missouri to see a friend from Brett's mission. We were able to go see the famous Arch and visit the temple. It was fun to hang out with Brett's friend as well!
On our way home we stopped at Independence, Missouri to see the Visitor's center and Liberty, Missouri to see Liberty Jail. This was probably the most meaningful day. The spirit at Liberty Jail was so amazing. It really puts into perspective what Joseph went through for our gospel. I was amazed and overcome with gratitude for the sacrifices for the early Saints!
It was a great trip and I highly recommend to everyone to one day visit those sights.

Silly Kyra

Kyra's young womens had a yard sale a couple weekends ago. For her, the whole time was spent finding the most rediculous outfits to show off. It was a lot of fun!

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