Monday, February 28, 2011

I Love To See The Temple

I feel so grateful that we have a temple here in Spokane to visit so often! The temple is such a wonderful way to grow closer to our Savior, feel the spirit, feel peaceful, and strengthen my testimony. The best thing about going is the amazing blessings that you get. I honestly think that we have been so truly blessed in our lives because of the temple. I hope that I will never forget the importance of the temple in our lives.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Multiple Choice

Which of the following statements is ture about the picture below?

A: Stephanie has been eating way too much and working out way too little during this winter season.

B: Stephanie is about 4 months pregnant and couldn't be happier.

And the answer is...........................B!!!!!!!!

Yes, we are pregnant and I couldn't be more thrilled. Despite being tired ALL the time (as in sometimes I have to crawl under my desk at work while the kids are a recess to take a 15 power nap), having more acne on my face right now then I have ever had in my whole life, and getting sick quite often when I try to make my husband breakfast in the morning, I feel like things couldn't be more perfect. Yay for us!
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Who Needs Romance Anyway

So Brett and I have not been able to get out much lately. Our dates have been consisting of sharing a meal from Panda Express (my favorite place to eat lately) then going home to snuggle in bed. Did I think that after only three years of marriage we would be so lame...not quite. But hey we are busy and tired. Well today we finally had a night to ourselves with absolutely nothing going on, so I decided to plan a nice date for us. I was very excited to finally go out on a nice date. I got home from work, put on some makeup, a new outfit, curled my hair, and put on some nice perfume.
I was going to take him out to dinner (to a real restaurant where we actually sit down and someone waits on us, which we never do) and while we were there I had this fun activity for us that would allow us to kind of remember all of the fun things in our relationship. Then I wanted to take him to our lookout spot to sit and talk, and then finally back home to cuddle and watch a movie (we don't spend money on movie theaters unless it's the Garland. I know we are so cheap).
It sounded like it was going to be a fantastically romantic night! Well, this is what happened instead. 5:30 rolls around and I am sitting on the couch waiting for Brett to come home. He calls and tells me he has to take care of some stuff for the Bishop (he is out of town for 3 weeks). So I wait a little longer...and longer...and longer. Finally, Brett comes home about 7:00. He picks me up and we get to run a couple more errands to do church stuff. Finally, around 7:30 we are done and headed to dinner! Yes, our romantic date can start. Except guess what is on Brett's mind the whole night... this issue he had to help Bishop with. He was on the phone the whole ride to the restaurant, and a little while we were in the restaurant. Did I break down a little bit in the restaurant...YES! I wasn't trying to be selfish, but I just wanted one romantic date with my husband.
Well I just have realized that our life is just nor meant for romance right now! Where is Brett while I am writing this post on what is supposed to be our romantic night together....Taking care of more church stuff.

The bottom line is.........I NEVER want Brett to be a bishop!