Saturday, June 16, 2012

Way to go Makenna

This week Makenna graduated from 6th grade!  I can't believe this little doll is going into middle school.  It will be quite the eye opener for her.  But this rockstar is just amazing.  She got the presidential award for academics, then she got the Mark Riepen award.  This is only given to one girl and one boy chosen for having good leadership, good attitude, good character, good grades, pretty much just overall being a great student.  We couldn't be more proud of her.

 Just a couple pictures capturing her being rewarded for being so awesome.

                                       After the graduation just taking some pics with her.

We love you Makenna!  Good job!

Fun in the Arizona Sun

Last week Brett, Jaxon, and I went down Mesa, AZ to for Brett's younger brother's wedding.  We had so much fun with the Fromm family.  We all stayed in a rental house with a great backyard living area.  So we spent a lot of time in the pool and eating outside.

                             The first night we were there we went to their rehersal dinner.

The next day was the wedding.  This is Jaxon getting ready to go to the temple.  This is the first temple he has been to!

The happy couple coming out!  The sealing was AMAZING.  This was only my second sealing I have been to, but it was absolutely wonderful.

Later that day we headed over to the reception area.  It was very beautiful, but also very hot!  We spent a lot of time taking pictures.

We love Jimmy! We are going to miss him staying at our house all the time now.

                                Look at these studs!  Four generations of Fromm boys

                                                     All the Fromm syblings

All the boys that were close to Jimmy.  The two guys on the ends are friends.

                                This is the last day we were in Mesa.  Just enjoying the house.

Jaxon has become quite the frequent flyer.  Thank goodness he does such a good job on the plane!