Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter

We had a great Easter Sunday! My family came over to our house after church and we enjoyed lots of delicious food and good company. The boys were busy watching the Masters the whole time and the girls were outside taking lots of pictures. We were also able to skype with my sister Melanie and her girls. I just love spending time with family. But most important it was wonderful to celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for His life and everything He did for us.

Now for lots of pictures

This has become my favorite picture of Jaxon

I made the boys matching bow ties. They look so cute in them!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Jaxon at 7 Months

Here are some pictures of Jaxon starting at 2 months. Now he is 7 months and I feel like he is learning so much! He loves to stand all the time. I think he is going to walk before he crawls. He loves to babble. He says mom and dad, but we are pretty sure he doesn't actually know what he is saying when he does get it out of his mouth. He can feed himself with some foods. He has two teeth on the bottom. He is still not a good sleeper, but I've just decided it's God's way of teaching me how to have patience. I love this cute guys so much and have a ton of fun with him every day!

Playing Catch Up

I have been a horrible blogger lately. We have been doing a lot of playing with friends, going on walks, hanging out with my family, celebrating my birthday, and going to parks. Here are a couple pictures of the last couple months.

Jaxon's 6 Month Photo Shoot

I know I am a little late on this, but here is Jaxon at 6 months. My mom did a wonderful job with the photo shoot. I love all the pictures!