Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to the Blogging World

I have not posted for quite a while and I feel bad. So I will catch everyone up on what has been going on since July.

 At the end of the summer we had the delight of having Madyson  move in with us for a while.  It has been an adjustment for all, but I am so grateful that she is here and the fun and example that she brings to our family.  Madyson and the girls are just like sisters.  Sometimes they love each other and sometimes they can't stand each other.  But overall I think it has been a good experience for everyone

 On August 20th this adorable little boy turned 1 year old!  I can't even begin to explain how obsessed I am with my child.  I'm not going to lie, he wasn't my favorite person the first year of his life.  I had a hard time adjusting to being a stay at home mom with a child that didn't sleep and cried all the time.  But now he is like the light of my life.  I LOVE watching him learn and laugh and play.  I love spending my days with him. 

 This wonderful girl turned 15 on Sept. 11th.  She is now a freshman in high school.  It is completely weird that I am a step mother to a high schooler since my high school days didn't seem that long ago.  But she is loving her expereince at North Central.

 Makenna is now a 7th grader and decided to do cross country for the first time.  She put a lot of pressure on herself to measure up to her dad, but she also liked it a lot and did a great job for her first year.  She is a straight A student and the BEST help around the house.  She truly makes being a step mother easy because she always wants to please!

 Madyson is also in 7th grade and she couldn't wait to play softball.  She did a great job.  She always got on base every time she went up to bat.  She is also enjoying school and making lots of friends.

 Since school has started I have had a lot more time to have play dates and do some fun stuff with Jaxon.  We visited a couple of pumpkin farms and had a blast.  It is always fun to get together with friends and family in fun locations.

 In October my very besy friends, Beth and Jen, and I decided to run a half marathon.  I lived with these girls for 4 years in college and since we are married and each have a cute baby boy.  So it was so much fun to get together with them for this event.  I have run a marathon before when I was single and had a ton of time to train for it.  But now with 4 kids at home most of the time it made it a lot harder to train for a race.  Thank goodness we made it through it, and really only had to stop and stretch our legs a couple of times.  It was a hard reminder that our bodies are just getting old :(

Beautiful Kyra!  Her first homecoming dance was this October and she went with a group of friends.  She looked absoltuley gorgeous and all the girls had a great time.  I don't think she did much dancing, but I guess it is all about the experience of getting ready with friends and going out to dinner.

Alright, hopefully I can be more consistent with my updating!