Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brett Turns 33!

I know I am about a week late on this blog, but at least I am doing one, right? Brett turned 33 on October 5. I know it is hard to believe he is that old, but it is true. Unlike me, he is not one to celebrate brithdays in a big way. He wouldn't even care if I just gave him a card and that was it. However, that is not my style. But because I love my husband so much I tried to keep it as low key as possible. I cooked him his favorite meal, gave him lots of good presents, and then we watched a movie. But I do have to take a minute and tell you why I have the most amazing husband. He is a very selfless, loving, and caring person. He somehow NEVER manages to get mad at me. He is quick to help those who are in need. He is a great father. He is a great helper around the house. And most important, he is wonderful to look at. I am so grateful for him for so many thing and am excited for our future together. Happy Birthday Babe! PS. I hope everyone enjoys this little slide show of his life!